Problem with updating empty configuration for Filesharing application

If the FTP resource was added first while updating the empty configuration for the FileSharing application – the resource will not appear on the device. Each next FTP resource will be added to the device. The problem does not occur with SMB resource.

Outlook application (Windows) – Microsoft account login dialog after adding ActiveSync profile

If an e-mail address is provided as the username in the ActiveSync profile configuration, it happens that instead of dialog with the e-mail password input, the Outlook application will require signing in using a Microsoft account. To fix this configuration, user should enter the password after manually navigating to the Exchange account settings.

Profiles after updating the Proget application

Profiles with new functionalities added to the device with the version of the Proget application, which does not support them yet, must be edited or re-added after the update to work properly.

Configuration of APN via SMS message

After pinning the APN profile to the device or group in which the configuration is set to an SMS message, a situation may occur in which the configuration message will not be delivered to the device. This is due to the lack of SMS configuration for a specific device model from the mobile network operator. In this case, you must configure APN manually on the device.

The period of message synchronization in the Active Sync profile

By setting the sync period to all in the email profile, Android devices will download messages from a period of only 30 days, while all messages will be downloaded for iOS devices.2

Problem with synchronization on Windows activation

Problem with device synchronization will occur after changing the time forward and then to the current time.

Password policy on Windows activation

The password policy on Windows activation does not work – a policy requiring a password will not be removed from the device even after deactivation.